Custom Solutions

When an off-the shelf program won’t meet your specific need, FMI can create a program for you.

Custom Course Development

FMI can design, develop and deliver a program based on your unique requirements. This may include our content, your content, or a combination of both.

  • Custom Off-the-Shelf. We use one of our existing off-the-shelf programs and add your specific content (e.g., organization-specific examples, themes, logos, case studies). We can also shorten, lengthen or combine our programs to meet your need.
  • New Course Development. We can build a new course on a subject of your choice with your specific content and materials.

Performance Support Tools

Improve employee performance and quality of work with easily accessible tools and job aids that provide continuous learning in the workplace as needed:

    Process Flowcharts
    Video Procedures
    Reference Documents
    Quality Assurance Checklists
    Job Aids
    Operating Guides & Procedures
    Policies & Regulations

Learning Portal w/ Learning Management System (LMS)

FMI can build and implement a custom online learning portal with LMS to deliver and manage all learning and professional development activity.

    No special software needed
    Helpdesk support
    Custom course library
    Reference library & document repository
    Create learning plans and job competency mapping
    Human Resources
    Accessible via the internet,
24 hours a day,
7 days a week
    Individual student accounts
    Student & instructor message boards and chat rooms

Coaching & Mentoring

FMI can provide a coaching and/or mentoring program to help employees strengthen and gain skills and competencies strategically aligned with individual or organizational goals.

  • Coaching.Focused on specific skills and competencies
  • Executive Coaching.Developing leaders and emerging leaders
  • Mentoring.Focused on development beyond specific skills and competencies